So in case you have not already guessed, my name is Beth and I am a 19 year old blogger from the West Midlands. I am currently in my first year of university and I am studying Early Childhood, with a goal of becoming a health play specialist at some point after completing my degree. 
The aim of this blog is to share with you my version of adulthood and the trials and tribulations that go with it (because from what I have heard, it can be a huge struggle most of the time). 
I struggle quite a lot with mental health, mostly anxiety and depression, so with this blog, I am hoping to share my journey with you so we can share our stories and help each other through this weird little journey we call life.
This is a safe space for absolutely everyone who visits, so positive vibes only, please. Any negative energy will be removed as soon as possible, so please be kind to myself and each other.
Finally, I would just like to say I hope you enjoy reading this blog and to thank you for taking the time out of your day to do so.
Love Beth xx