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Black Lives Matter

A list of websites and charities that provide support towards the Black Lives Matter movement

Annuity - a website that discusses financial literacy in the black community in the USA

DNA Weekly - a website that lists a number of reasons why we should be supporting Black Lives Matter

Black Owned Businesses - a website that lists a number of black owned businesses in the United States 

Show Racism the Red Card - uses workshops, training sessions, and other resources to educate and combat racism

Runnymede - challenges racial inequality in Britain through research, network building, leading debate and policy engagement

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust - aims to tackle inequality in all forms and hopes to transform the life chances of young people and improving the world in which they live

Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) - provides support for people who have suffered hate crime, including attacks that were racist, homophobic, transphobic, and/or racist

Kick It Out - uses football in order to promote equality and inclusivity

Stop Hate UK - works alongside local strategic partnerships to tackle hate crime and discrimination, encourage reporting and support the individuals and communities it affects

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) - dedicated to combatting racial discrimination and harassment across the country

Discrimination Law Association - works to improve equality law by bringing together a range of individuals, including discrimination law practitioners, policy experts and academics

Race Equality First - works to raise awareness of and fight discrimination and hate crime in Scotland

Black Lives Matter UK (UKBLM) - aims to dismantle capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and the wider power structures that disproportionately affect Black People in Britain, former colonies, and around the world

Minnesota Freedom Fund - non-profit organisation that provides funds for protestors who have been arrested and need to pay bail in order to avoid being imprisoned

The Bail Project - provides funds to pay bail to prevent incarceration and combat racial economic disparities in the bail system

Philadelphia Bail Fund - posts bail for people who are indigent and cannot afford bail

LGBTQ Freedom Fund - post bond to secure the safety and liberty of low-income families in US jails and immigration facilities, with focus on LGBTQ people

Community Justice Exchange National Bail Fund Network - provides support to community-based organisations across the country that are experimenting with bottom-up interventions that contest the current operation and function of the criminal legal and immigration detention systems

Mississippi Bail Fund Collective - coalition of social workers, attorneys, and activists from across MS working to address the injustices of cash bail

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund - raising money to cover funeral and burial expenses, to pay for counselling, to cover accommodation and travel expenses during court proceedings and to provide assistance for family

George Floyd (BIGFLOYD) - providing further care for George Floyd's family

Black Visions Collective - a black, trans and queer-led organisation that is dedicated to Black liberation and to collective liberation

Reclaim the Block - committed to moving money from the police force to help support other areas of the community in Minneapolis

North Star Health Collective - coordinates and provides health care services, resources and training and is helping to provide medical supplies to those in need during protests

Black Lives Matter - leading the ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate black people, and end white supremacy forever

R.I.P. Belly Mujinga - fundraiser to support Belly Mujinga's family, after she died two weeks after being spat at while working at Victoria Station in London by a man claiming to have coronavirus and The British Transport Police taking no further action due to "no evidence to substantiate any criminal offences"

The Movement for Black Lives - a global initiative that aims to create for black organisations to conduct conversations about current political conditions

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