Petitions - harm to whales and dolphins - a petition to stop blowing up unexploded WWII bombs in British waters, which kill many whales and dolphins in the process - fireworks - a petition for the review of the law surrounding fireworks, due to how much they scare animals and young children - raise the minimum wage  - a petition to get the UK Government to raise the minimum wage to one that can be lived off - cancer treatment - a petition to stop unnecessary cancer deaths by not halting cancer treatment due to the Covid-19 pandemic - Instagram censorship - a petition to stop Instagram from censoring the images of oversized women (particularly black women), when they allow similar pictures of their slim, white counterparts - free school meals - a petition to get the UK Government to make a U-turn on their decision to not continue with free school meals during the school holidays - stop MP's payrise - a petition to prevent MPs from receiving a pay rise in April 2021 (would see their annual income rise to £85,000) - save the UK music industry - a petition to ask the Government to provide support to those in the music industry who have been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic - animal offenders register - a petition to create an animal offenders register, including ownership not being allowed to be transferred to someone in the same household - make child marriage illegal in the UK - it is currently legal for children aged 16-17 to get married in the UK with parental consent, however, due to a recent death of a twenty-year-old who got married at sixteen and died due to her abusive husband, her family are looking to make it illegal for children to get married until they turn eighteen - make pet theft a specific UK law - a petition to get the UK government to make the theft of pets a specific crime - mental health crisis - due to the pandemic, many people's mental health has decreased, yet there is not that much mental health support out there. This is a petition to get Matt Hancock to provide more mental health support - change the breast cancer screening age - a petition to change the breast cancer screening age from 50-71 years to 45-75 years - justice for Jacob Blake - Jacob Blake was shot several times by police when trying to break up a fight. He is still alive but has been left paralysed from the waist down. This is a petition to get the officers who shot him to be charged with a minimum of attempted murder - NHS payrise - a petition to get the Government to give NHS nurses and healthcare workers and reasonable pay rise - back to school - a petition to ask the Government to allow parents to decide when to send their child(ren) back to school and not receive fines for not doing so - change to GCSEs and A-Levels - a petition to get the Government to change the way in which this year's GCSE and A-Level results have been calculated, in order to give each student a fair result - MP suspension - a petition for the suspension of a male Conservative MP who raped a female parliamentary researcher - NHS NOT for sale - petition to prevent the UK Government from allowing the NHS to be in trade talks with the US

Color of Change - George Floyd- a petition to get the three other officers, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J Alexander Keung, charged for participating in the murder of George Floyd - George Floyd - trying to get Hennepin Country District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest and charge the police officers involved with George Floyd's death with second degree murder

NAACP - George Floyd - a petition demanding the immediate arrest of the three officers who were present when Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd's neck - Belly Mujinga  - aiming to find the person who assaulted Belly Mujinga at Victoria Station in London and to ensure that frontline workers within Transport for London are provided with necessary protective equipment - George Floyd - wanting to get the attention of Major Jacob Frey and DA Mike Freeman to get the officers involved to be fired and charges filed against them - teaching white privilege  - petition to make it mandatory for white privilege and systemic racism to be taught in UK education - Julius Jones - Julius was convicted of murder aged 19, a crime he didn't commit, and has been on death row for twenty years. This petition is to stop his imminent execution - suspend tear gas exports - a petition to suspend the UK exportation of tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to USA, which is a breach of human rights - Mayor Hal Marx of Petal must resign - said hateful words after the death of George Floyd, and this petition is to get him to resign from his post as mayor

Young Minds - mental health support - a petition encouraging the UK government to put more support in place for young people with mental illnesses to access - Julian Cole - at the age of 19, Julian Cole was left paralysed and severely brain damaged after six police officers broke his next, causing spinal cord injury. PCs Nicholas Oates, Sanjeev Kalyan, and Hannah Ross were dismissed but not convicted. Sgt Andrew Withey was given a final written warning but no dismissal - remove Rhodes statue - petition to get the University of Oxford to remove the statue of Rhodes - who was believer of British imperialism and white supremacy - remove Robert Clive statue - a petition to remove a statue of Robert Clive, the first Governor of Bengal whose policies led to the 1770 Bengal famine, causing the deaths of around 10 millions people - fix Windrush compensation scheme - only 5% of people have received compensation out of those submitting claims due to their life being affected by the Windrush scandal, so this petition is to put a deadline of six months for the Government to pay the rest of the claims - Afghan lives matter - petition to stop Pakistan and Iran from killing innocent lives, two countries which have carried out the most terrorist attacks and direct shootings over the last forty years - NHS parking - a petition to stop NHS workers from having to pay parking fees at their place of work - Over-75s TV license - a petition to stop the BBC/UK Government from charging the over-75s £157 a year for a TV license - something the BBC said they would keep free for this age group two decades ago

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