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Bedroom Tour

an image of my room. It has a purple wall with a wardrobe, mirror, bedside table and bed along it. The other walls and ceiling are white. there is also a chest of drawers and a hanging chandelier in shot

A few months ago, I gave my room a complete makeover because I moved into this house at the end of 2017 and I never had the money or the time to make my room look exactly the way I wanted it to. There was a massive box of stuff I had bought with me from the old house that I was unable to find a home for because I needed some shelves and other various bits and bobs to put the contents of the box in/on to.

Luckily, last summer I was finally able to find the money and the time to put into making my room look exactly the way I want it to. For this, I mostly used small businesses and I thought that in a time when many businesses have been struggling, I would create a blog post all about the stuff I bought from these businesses and give them all a little shoutout because they're all amazing and completely deserve it.

an image of a white chest of drawers with a mirror above them. On top of the chest of drawers are two candles, some smaller drawers for storage, and a rose gold vase with some fake white peonies and a fake eucalyptus inside

a pink heart dream catcher

Let's take a start with this section of my room, which contains my mirror and a chest of drawers. The mirror is from my old bedroom and was bought for me by my Mum so I am unsure of where she got it from (the same goes for the chest of drawers and the smaller drawers on top). The candles, even if their holders are from different shops, are from Yankee Candle. I buy a mystery box of around eighteen candles whenever I have run out and I get these from Amazon. The flowers are fake and are from Florals Forever UK and the eucalyptus leaves, which are also fake, are from Ferris Heart Sloane. I bought the vase from Next, which is actually meant to be a large candle holder, however, I much prefer using it as a vase because I couldn't see the candle I originally bought the candle holder for. This is probably my favourite area of my room as I like how cute this whole arrangement is. Also, to a wall to the side of this is a dream catcher that I've had since I was a child and is something I really don't want to get rid of and whilst I don't think it quite fits the vibe of my room now compared to when I was younger, I still really love it.

two wooden shelves. The first shelf has two wall prints, three candles and a columbea arguta plant. The second shelf has three fake cacti plants, some rose quartz stones, a print with three grey hearts and a photo of me as a baby with a little teddy bear beside it

Next up, we have these two shelves. Again, my Mum bought me these quite a while ago so I have no idea where they're from. On the top shelf we have the 'you're doing amazing, sweetie' quote print (if you know, you know), which is from Pink Rose Designs UK and the frame is from Lello Living. The candles are from KTGs Cards. The next print is from Poster Store and I had to stick it to a pink piece of A4 paper because I convinced myself I ordered this in A4 but turns out I stupidly ordered it in A5 instead but didn't want to faff around with sending it back and getting a replacement. The frame is from Lello Living, as is the frame on the shelf underneath. The little dish underneath this print used to belong to my Great Aunt and this is something my younger brother nicked from her house and gave to me (she currently lives in a care home and my family are in the process of clearing it out, he didn't just take it from her without asking). The rose quartz stones are from Occultophiliac. The sad little plant next to these rose quartz is Columbus and he is a Columbea Arguta. I haven't looked after him properly. I got him in the summer from a garden centre that's fairly local to me and as you can tell, he's pretty much dead. I have no idea whether he's going to come back alive or not. I live in hope, so hopefully, he may come back to life, but let's face it, chances are he's dead and buried. If he's not come back to life by the summer, which I understand is in an environment where this type of plant flourishes, as it prefers much warmer weather, I think I'll send him to compost heaven and find something else to replace him with. Underneath him is a plant saucer I bought, which is from Little Plant Project. On the shelf underneath, there are three fake cacti plants from Ikea. Next to these are more rose quartz from Occultophiliac. Next, we've got the heart print, which is from Rose Prints Shop and the frame is from Lello Living. Next to that, we've got a photo of myself and my Great-Grandma from when I was a baby. The frame is probably as old as me, so I have no idea where that's from and the teddy bear belonged to my Great-Grandma, so I also don't know where that's from either. On both shelves are some lights, which are from Electric Crowns.

my second chest of drawers. Above them is a wall print with three hearts and a heart light. On top of the chest of drawers is a TV, electric photo frame, candle holder, jewellery holder and a candle

Next, we have my other set of chest of drawers. In the top-left hand corner is my electric photo frame, which I should probably put on a lot more than what I actually do because I genuinely can't remember when I last put it on. This was a present from my Dad a few years ago and I have no idea where he got it from. In front of that is my candle holder from Amazon and the candle inside it is another Yankee Candle that I got from the mystery selection from Amazon. The TV is from Toshiba. At the back right-hand corner is a jewellery holder, which was a present from a friend from when I was a child and I have no idea where she got it from. In front of that is another candle and candle holder, but the candle inside is another Yankee Candle, which I also got from the mystery selection from Amazon. In front of that is a little trinket box, which is also a present I got from a friend many years ago, so I have no idea where it's from. On the wall behind my chest of drawers is a heart canvas, which my Mum bought for me a few years ago and so have no idea where it's from. To the side of that is a heart light, which I also don't know where it's from as it was a present from a friend a few years ago. Behind both sets of drawers are some LED strip lights, which are from Amazon.

first part of windowsill. There is a white sign that says 'love', a glass shoe with blood orange vodka inside, a large yankee candle, and a fairy glitter globe

second part of windowsill. It has two candle holders, an empty champagne bottle with a fake rose in it, a light up bottle, a penguin and a fairy glitter globe

third and final part of windowsill. It has a candle holder, a jewellery box, a large candle, a Google Home Mini and a teddy bear picture frame with an image of me and my Grandma inside

Next, are the items on my windowsill. First, we have a sign that says 'love' which I got from a friend a few years ago, so am not sure where it's from. Next, we have yet another Yankee Candle and the candle holder is a present from someone and I'm not sure where they got it from. Next to that is a glass shoe with blood orange vodka in it. This was a present from my Dad a few years ago and I'm aware I have written in the past about my sobriety, which I still very much am, but I don't know what to do with the alcohol, but I still think it looks nice on my windowsill. Next to that is my favourite scent of Yankee Candle and I'm going to be gutted when this eventually runs out. Then, there is a fairy glitter globe which I've had since I was a child. We then have another Yankee Candle and I'm not entirely sure where the candle holder is from. Next to that is an empty bottle of champagne, which I use as a vase for a fake rose I got given as a child. Then, we have a light-up bottle, which was a gift from my Mum a few years ago, so I'm not too sure where that's from. Unfortunately, the bottom of that has come off somehow, so I have to be really careful whenever I pick it up to dust/clean the windowsill. We then have yet another broken item, which is a penguin statue I got given by a friend when I was younger. I remember I put it straight in my bookbag and then smacked my bookbag down on the table, forgetting the penguin was in there and then saw the beak had come off. We then have another Yankee Candle (can you tell I'm a fan?) and the candle holder was a present from my Dad and was initially one of those spinner holders, but that went quite rusty for some reason, so I decided to get rid of it and just keep it as a normal candle holder. Next to that is another fairy glitter globe, which I've also had since I was a child. There is then a small Yankee Candle inside a bigger Yankee candle holder. I like keeping hold of these holders because it's a shame to waste them and even though the smaller candle doesn't fill this holder at all, it still works just the same. There is then a little trinket box which was another gift from a friend that I got many years ago and so am unsure where it's from. Next to that is a large candle I got for either my birthday or Christmas from my Nan and Grandad a couple of years ago, so also don't know where it's from. We then have my Google Home Mini that I got for free by having a Spotify subscription (not sure if they're still running that, but it's always worth having a check) and a teddy that I think is meant to be a doorstop, but I put it on my windowsill anyway and it contains a photo of me and my Grandma from almost twenty years ago.

white hanging heart lights

a white print that has black letters that says 'namastay in bed'

my bedside table. Above it are three butterfly prints. On the table is a water bottle, lamp, coaster, fake tan, diffuser, and a large yankee candle

Then we have my bedside table. My lamp is something I got from my Mum a few years ago and so don't quite know where it's from. My room spray is from Revolution and this is in the scent 'lost my head', but I also bought it previously in another scent, which is 'undress me' and that smelt INCREDIBLE (they both do). We then have my big Yankee Candle, which is in the scent 'Christmas Cookie' and (don't hate me) I light this all year and I love it. The diffuser in front of it is from Diffusion Ltd and it's in the scent black cherry and it's honestly the BEST diffuser I have ever bought. I've bought diffusers in the past for more than what this one cost me and I stopped being able to smell it after a few days but I bought this one a few months ago and the scent is still really strong and smells incredible. The coaster is another gift from my Dad and I have no idea where he got it from. My hand cream is from Mario Badescu and, I can't lie, it's not my favourite but I think that's because its scent is rose and I'm not that much of a fan of a rose scent, but it's still a good hand cream, regardless of its smell. On the wall behind my bedside table/bed is my 'namastay in bed' print, which is from At Home Prints By Lorna and my three butterfly prints which my Mum bought for me a few years ago, so I'm not entirely sure where they're from. There is also my hanging heart lights, which are another item my Mum bought for me and so I'm not quite sure where they're from.

my ladder shelf. On every shelf is a stack of books and a framed print

We then come to my ladder shelf. I love this shelf and when I first decided to buy a ladder shelf, this was one of those items where it was exactly what I was looking for and is from Wayfair. It contains all of my favourite books, so I'm just going to go through some of my favourites that I think are definitely worth you buying: One Line A Day (from H&M Home); Just F*cking Do It (Noor Hibbert); No One Can Change Your Life Except You (Laura Whitmore); The Sober Girl Society Handbook (Millie Gooch); Happy Sexy Millionaire (Steven Bartlett); Storm In A C Cup (Caroline Flack); Women Don't Owe You Pretty (Florence Given); Sh**gged, Married, Annoyed (Chris and Rosie Ramsey); and Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race (Reni Eddo-Lodge). Then, as you can see, I have a print on every shelf. There is 'Ciao Bella' at the top from Peaches By Ellie. Then, there's the image of two hands doing a pinky promise, from Mune Studio UK. On the shelf underneath is a quote from 'To Kill A Mockingbird' that says 'she was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it', which is from The Letter Den, and I'm ashamed to say I've never actually read To Kill A Mockingbird, but I saw this quote on Etsy and really loved it. Underneath that is an outline of two hearts from Spell And Tell and the final print says '... and relax' from Alluvion Prints. I was never meant to buy this ladder shelf at first but I'm so glad I did and it was definitely worth the money it was because it's exactly what I was looking for when I first decided I wanted a ladder shelf (there was one a lot cheaper that looked similar but wasn't exactly what I wanted and I'm so glad I decided to spend the extra money on this one).

my alex drawers from ikea. On top is a print in a frame that says 'c'est la vie', three rose quartz stones and three fake suculant plants

hanging fairy lights

Then we have my set of drawers, which are the Alex Drawers from Ikea. On top, we have a print that is from Armetis Paper UK and the frame is from Lellow Living. Next to that is some more fake cacti plants, which are from Me Home Co. In front of the print is some more rose quartz, which are from Occultophiliac. Behind this is some hanging lights, which are the best thing I've ever bought and they make my room feel so nice and cosy and these are from Amazon.

So there is my room. I am totally in love with it. As you can probably tell from the first photo, I do have a single bed and at some point when I've got enough money to, I would love to be able to buy a double bed. That does mean moving most of my room around to fit it and it would also mean losing all my floor space, which will be a shame as I like having the floor space I have because it means I can workout in my room.

Please make sure you check all of these places out. I bought from some incredible small businesses and they have helped me create my dream room. This isn't the kind of post I am used to creating, but if you liked it, please let me know in the comments. And if you didn't like it, normal services will be resumed next week.

Love Beth xx

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