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How to Buy a Used Car for a Young Person

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A used car is an excellent choice for a young person that has recently passed their test and needs some transport to get them to university or to come home on the weekends. A used car can be a great option, but you still need to make the right choices and know how to buy one.

Decide on a budget

When buying a new car for yourself or your children, you need to think about two things: the upfront cost of the vehicle and the daily running costs. Of course, a young person might have their eyes on the latest INEOS range at a local ineos grenadier dealership but choose wisely.

INEOS Grenadier vehicles are high-quality off-road vehicles that are perfect for life in the countryside or any wilderness environment, but they can be adapted to suit any driving conditions. Still, they might not suit a young driver without some advanced driving experience.

Check vehicle safety

When you are buying a used car for a young person, one of the first things to check is the safety features of the vehicle. Safety features include lights, seatbelts, wheels and tyres, bodywork, and the quality of the engine. It's good to research these before you consider a used vehicle.

Some of the safety features are easy enough to check, look inside the cabin and check the seatbelts, for instance, and turn on the lights to check the indicators are working properly. Other checks might require a test drive; make sure the engine doesn't have any leaks and drives well.

Environmental impact

Studies show that younger generations - millennials and gen Z - are much more environmentally conscious when it comes to buying habits and decisions, so make sure you are investing in the right way when buying a used vehicle for your son, daughter, or grandchild.

Older cars are not as environmentally friendly as newer ones; the good news is that new cars depreciate quickly, meaning you are likely to find a quality eco-vehicle in the forecourt of a used car dealership. Doublecheck the eco-credentials by searching the vehicle's make online.

Engine and gearbox

Of course, two of the most important elements of a conventional car are the engine and the gearbox, so you need to check these to make sure you are getting value for money. The last thing you want is for the used car to break down on the young person on their way to university.

In order to test the engine and gearbox, you will have to take the car for a test drive. On the drive, move through all the gears testing for smoothness and checking for stickiness that could indicate a major issue in the near future. Also, open the bonnet and check the engine for leaks.

Vehicle interior

Naturally, you want the young person to feel comfortable and stylish in their new vehicle so check the car's interior is up to scratch. If you find some wear and tear, you might be able to ask for money off; then, you can have the upholstery repaired or use some high-quality seat covers.

What do you think? When you're looking for a new (used) car, what do you look out for to make sure that you're going to be getting your money's worth? Let me know in the comments.

Love Beth xx

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