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How to do a Road Trip Right

an image of a yellow car driving through the mountains

There are many guides to road trips all across the internet, but many of them are focused on general principles or planning advice that may or may not be used. For instance, some may recommend taking regular stops so you can soak in the atmosphere, but what if you only have a limited amount of time, such as a weekend, to enjoy your time? Some advice might recommend that you bring together your best driving playlist before you set off, but of course, you probably already have a streaming music plan or have playlists and CDs at the ready.

So, what advice may actually help you plan and enjoy a road trip in the best way? In this post, I'm going to be focusing on some of the investments and preparations that help you get the most out of the trip, sometimes by making the process more fun, and sometimes by reducing inconvenience which can put a dampener on the whole effort. With that in mind, please consider:

It's all about the vehicle

Depending on the road trip you're going on, it's good to think about the right vehicle for the task. Now, most operational cars will work of course, but depending on how many people you're bringing, your homes for accommodation, and storage needs, a small hatchback or even a three-seater van may not do. It could be that opting for a VW camper van can give you the perfect balance of space, or maybe you'll rent a 4x4 to make it more easily through heavy weather conditions, such as the winter season where snow can fall. Consider distance, road type, weather conditions, and more to consider the right path forward.

It's also about who you travel with

A road trip is more than just a small drive, it's an endurance test in a manner of speaking, meaning that you can have a great time, but only with the right people. You need people who you can trust to behave in the car, to smoke outside, to respect your car rules, to clean up after themselves, to practice great hygiene, and to bring their own equipment, like tents or blankets and refreshments where needed. Agree on the route and stick to it, and if you're sharing driving efforts, take care to make sure you agree on sharing those responsibilities, and that you trust them behind the wheel.

Keep it simple

You may wish to hit every single landmark on your way to a given destination, and that's good, but remember that driving is tiring, that you need to book or prepare accommodation, and that your personal needs like the need to shower, eat and rest from driving can impede on your schedule. It's good to keep your route simple, your packing streamlined (so you don't have to fight over endless boxes when looking for an essential item), and the purpose of the road trip clear. If you can do that, then you just have to focus on safe travel.

With this advice, I hope you can get your road trip right in the best possible sense.

Have you ever gone on a road trip before? What tips would you give to someone who is thinking of going on a road trip? Let me know in the comments.

How do you plan for a road trip?

Love Beth xx

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