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How to Improve a Relationship that's Failing

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It can be hard to find the light in a relationship that's failing. When something goes wrong, it can all feel like doom and gloom. Whether it's a relationship that's been going on for a decade, four years, or six months, any relationship can go through its ups and downs.

When finding oneself in a relationship that isn't thriving, it's important to focus on what can be done to fix it.

Identify the problems

Firstly, identify the problems that the relationship has. For some, it can be that there's a lack of communication and that might not be helping. It could be previous accusations or evidence of infidelity. It may be that a couple simply doesn't spend enough time together or have conflicting work schedules.

Whatever the problems may be, whether physical or emotional, discussing these in detail is going to help get both individuals on the same page. From there, they can tackle the issues individually.

Speak to a counsellor

For some, sex may be the issue and that, for some relationships, can be a big factor. So where sex is a concern for some couples, speaking to a sexologist in Sydney may be advisable.

Speaking to someone who has experience in counselling, particularly in this department, can be a big help for those who are struggling to resolve it together.

Decide whether it's a relationship worth fighting for

It sounds harsh, but is the relationship worth fighting for or could one or both partners have already given up on making it work?

It's important to have this conversation both with the person in the relationship and with themselves. By doing so, it can often speak some harsh truths but in the long run, can save a lot of heartaches.

Alternatively, it may be that both partners want to fight for the relationship in the hopes that they have something good going.

Prioritise the relationship and invest more time in it

When it comes to the relationship, it's important to nurture it and invest time into it. Prioritising the relationship is always a good thing when it comes to fixing one that's failing.

By taking the time to improve the relationship in this way through time spent talking and going for dates, etc, will all help towards bettering the situation.

Try to make more time for it where possible and make sacrifices in order to spend more time together.

Be patient

Just like anything, it takes time for a relationship to strengthen and get better. It's important to be patient and to take the time to build on what a couple has got currently. Success with any relationship doesn't happen overnight. It's not always picture-perfect, all the time either. There are always bumps in the road for any relationship but it's how they're overcome that's important.

Stay positive but know if it's time to walk away

We all want to be happy and in a relationship, we can often sacrifice our own values and wants for others. That's not always right though and it's good to recognise when it's time to walk away.

What steps would you recommend someone take who's in a failing relationship? Alternatively, what steps do you recommend someone should do when they're wanting to walk away from their relationship?

Love Beth xx

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