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How to Transition your Kid's Bedroom as they Grow Older

a teenage girl sat on her bed in her bedroom

Kids grow up fast. It seems like only yesterday when you were putting them to bed and reading them nursery rhymes, and now they are almost ready for high school. That being said, you need to be proactive about the changes that will take place in their bedrooms as they grow older. How can you help your kids transition from a child into an adult without disrupting their lives? Read on for helpful tips on how to transition your kid's room as they grow older.

Choose functional furniture

When your kids reach a certain age, like pre-teens and teens, you will notice that the furniture pieces in their room are no longer cute and cuddly. You will start seeing maturity in their aesthetic choices, and you will want to respect that. But you also want to keep their room functional for when they are out of the house. You can choose from a wide range of furniture pieces like beds for teenagers, dressers, desks, and bookcases that are appropriate and highly functional. You can also give your kids the freedom to make their own choices regarding furniture. If they have a specific piece, allow them to pick it. But make sure it is functional and appropriate.

Add storage solutions

If you notice that your child has started accumulating a lot of stuff in their room, it might be time to add some storage solutions. Your kids will begin transitioning from toys and stuffed animals to more functional items like study books, laptops, and tablets. If you don't want your kids' room to turn into a storage facility, find ways to add functional storage solutions to their rooms. You can add extra shelves to their bookcases, install extra cabinets in their closets, or find creative ways to add storage to their room.

Include a desk

A desk is more than just a place to put your laptop, books, pens, and pencils. A desk can be a great addition to your child's room because it can help them organise their stuff. You can always get creative when decorating your child's desk. If you struggle to develop ideas, you can ask your child what they want their desk to look like. This is an excellent way for you to find out what your child likes and what they don't like. That way, you can avoid mistakes that would negatively impact their room.

Update the decor

This is a great time to update your child's room decor. As your kids get older, you will notice that their taste in decor changes as well. You might have a few posters of their favourite cartoons and superheroes plastered on their walls, and now they might want to take them down. You can choose from a wide range of wall decals, posters, and paintings to add a new look to your room. Ask your child what they want their room to look like. There is a good chance your child has a specific theme or artwork in mind that they want on their walls.

The more you involve your child in updating their bedroom, the easier it will be to create a space that works for them in the long term and create something they enjoy spending time in.

If you have a child or are an experienced interior designer (or both), please feel free to leave a comment on what you would recommend as a good way to redecorate your child's bedroom.

Love Beth xx

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