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Keep your Student Accommodation Clean and Tidy with these Tips

someone with pink rubber gloves, holding a cloth in one hand and some cleaning spray in the other, whilst wiping down a surface

Starting university is exciting but requires you to be disciplined and organised to make the most of your experience. As a student, your room can offer you respite from the ups and downs of university life. It's a spot you retreat to at the end of a long day of classes and a tiring week. Therefore, it's essential to keep your space as tidy as possible, so you can relax and be productive there. Research reveals that your environment can directly impact the quality of your studies. As a student, you may not always have the time to clean up your room. However, these simple tips can help keep your room clean and tidy throughout the week.

Make a schedule

If you don't usually have time to clean your room, you can still make time, even if it's a few minutes, by drawing up a realistic schedule you can work with. You may include basic tasks like washing your laundry, arranging your clothes, and cleaning your shelves. These activities don't necessarily require hours of your time. As you do them little by little without waiting for them to pile up, you'll see that tidying up and cleaning up won't be a problem anymore. You might also make it a habit to write down your schedule in a journal to help you remember what has to be done and what you've already finished. As you continue to do it, it can eventually become second nature to you.

Avoid sharing household items

Household items like dishes, drinking glasses, cups, and plates are easily shared among peers living in the same room. However, while you may want to keep them clean right after using them, your roommate, on the other hand, may not want to wash them immediately. The longer they leave them unwashed, the more untidy your space becomes. You may also find out that they may not position them in the right place when they wash. This may cause clutter, and you may not even have available items when you need to use them. Therefore, it will help if you set some boundaries where your items are concerned to make it easier for you to control hygiene. Remember that communication is key, and how you express yourself regarding your belongings makes all the difference.

Wash your hands frequently

One basic habit you shouldn't overlook when trying to observe hygiene in your accommodation is hand washing. Your fingers easily contact germs because you unconsciously touch surfaces and exchange pleasantries by hugging and shaking hands. As such, it would help if you had a natural hand wash readily available in your room, so you can easily wash your hands when you get back after a busy day. Doing this will also help reduce the possibility of you contracting diseases you could have easily avoided.

Get quality cleaning products

Although you may be trying to save as much money as possible and be working with a budget as a student, it would help if you invested in quality cleaning products and materials that can last you a long time and do a thorough job. It's always easy to clean your space when cleaning products are available. You can keep your surfaces clean and tidy throughout the week. Remember to wear productive gear such as gloves and an apron if you have to, especially when handling cleaning products with a high percentage of bleach. Do well to wash your hands immediately when you come into contact with them.

Keeping your room tidy can work wonders for your productivity and well-being as a student. You can make your cleaning fun by doing it with your roommate and if you have one or listening to music while doing it on your own.

What tips would you give to any new university student who is wanting to keep their student accommodation clean and tidy?

Love Beth xx

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