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Looking Out for the Elderly in your Life this Winter

an old man sat on a bench reading a newspaper

Winter is upon us and many of us are beginning to make changes to our lifestyle and routines to accommodate the colder weather, the harsher elements, the longer nights, the shorter days and other changes that come about with this time of year. But alongside turning the heating on, stocking up on hats and scarves and filling your grit bins to salt your driveways, you may want to consider how you can help the elderly loved ones in your life during this season too. Winter can be tough on the elderly, providing less favourable conditions and seeing many confined to their houses rather than spending more time out and about. Here are some tips that can help you to help them!

Keep company

Perhaps the biggest thing you can do to help your elderly loved ones this winter is to keep them company. The colder months of the year can be lonely for older generations, as many become reluctant to head out and about in the cold or when there's ice on the ground and slips and falls become a more common hazard. Something as simple as popping in for a cup of tea and a chat can make all the difference, ensuring that they have company and someone to talk to. Try to visit at least once a week if this works with your schedule. Setting a routine and repeated dates and times can give your loved one something to look forward to.

Make sure needs are being met

Of course, you need to make sure that your elderly loved one's needs are being met while you're not there too. You can't be there all the time and they may need extra support and assistance during this time of year. If they are struggling with bills, you may need to step in and contribute, ensuring that they can have their heating on and remain warm. If they're struggling to get out to get their medication, you may need to look into delivery services or pick up prescriptions on their behalf. If they need support and assistance with medicine or self-care, you may want to look into Live-In Care provided by Home Care Companions. If they are having trouble keeping on top of household chores, hiring a cleaner can ensure that their home remains clean, tidy and comfortable. There are all sorts of services out there specially designed to meet their needs.


Conditions such as sickness, colds and flu tend to proliferate during the winter months. You should do what you can to help your loved one attend healthcare appointments. This can be for anything from a flu shot to a general check-up. Picking your loved one up and dropping them at their appointment, before dropping them back home, can help to ensure that they get the treatment, care and attention they need to stay in good health.

Each of these tips can go a long way when it comes to helping an elderly loved one in your life!

If you have any more tips on how to help the elderly, not just this winter, but all year round, please let me know in the comments.

Love Beth xx

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