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MORE TH>N Car Insurance App Review

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

"More Than - we do more" ~ More Th>n company slogan

When I passed my driving test back in September 2018, one of the first things I had to do was to get my car insured. Car insurance can be quite expensive, so after a while of searching and comparing different insurance quotes, I eventually settled on insuring my car with More Th>n, as this was the cheapest option available to me with a black box.

As I have a black box, the easiest way for me to be able to check on my driving is through the MORE TH>N car insurance app. It is quite handy for telling me the journey's I have made, how many miles overall I have done, getting feedback on my driving, seeing what rewards are available to me, and (and this is something I have found to be the most handy with this app) it lets me see where my car is parked when I am wondering around a car park not being able to remember where I parked my car.

This is what you first see when logging into the app.

The feedback page.

The above image is the feedback page on the app. The blackbox scores you on your speed, smoothness and usage when driving and gives you an overall score. You can view your scores over the entire policy year, in the last 24 hours, in the last seven days, and in the last year. I would say the scores given are fairly accurate, however there have been a few occasions where I am not entirely sure if the scores I have been given really represent my driving. For example, the app said I had been over the speed limit, even though I knew I had kept within the speed limit the entire time while driving. On a separate occasion, the app said my usage (the time of day I drive) was at a bad time, even though I had driven at the same time another day and on that day my usage was scored at ten. But overall I would say that the feedback you receive is accurate eight times out of ten.

The rewards page.

On the rewards page the app tells you the bonus you can possibly get for each quarter of the policy year. It also tells you the discount you can get if you renew your insurance with More Th>n for the next policy year. They reward you your driving bonus on a pre-paid MasterCard, which I have recently received an email about saying they have sent me mine and that I should expect it in the next few days. As I have not been able to use either of these things yet, I cannot give you a proper review on them, however I cannot really see either of them not benefiting me.

The mileage page.

When you first buy your insurance with More Th>n, they let you choose how many miles you buy (with the minimum being 3000). I went with 3000 as I was moving away for university at the same time as I passed my test and was leaving my car at home so knew I would not be doing that many miles this policy year. The mileage page lets you view how many miles you bought, the amount of miles you have done, the amount of miles you have remaining, and how many miles you are predicted to go over by. If you do think you are going to go over the amount of miles you have bought, you can call them and ask to add some more miles to your policy, but obviously I have never had to do this so I am not sure on how this works.

The journeys page.

The app also lets you view the journeys you have made, including how long they were and how many miles you did. If you click on each journey you can view a map of where your start and end points were, however I am not going to show you what that looks like as I do not want to show where my house is on the internet. The app used to let you see your driving score for each individual journey, however they got rid of that recently which is a shame because I found that a lot easier than looking at the feedback page. On the whole this page is quite good, however there have been a few occasions where the app has been slow at posting the whole journey and thinks you have stopped somewhere along the way when you are actually where you were heading to.

On the whole I would say that this app and More Than car insurance is pretty good when it comes to allowing you to keep a check on your driving and to see how big your bonus and renewal discount will be. I do know a lot of people with a blackbox have trouble with them and in the one year I have been driving, I am not entirely sure some of the scores I have been given for my driving are entirely accurate. However, having a blackbox made my insurance about £700 cheaper than if I had gone with the same company without a blackbox. I would definitely recommend More Than as I am paying £796 a year (including for breakdown and recovery - one of the extras you can choose to pay for) and I think when I was comparing prices of car insurance, this was around £200 cheaper than the next cheapest car insurance company. But obviously all of this compares on the type of car you have.

If you have any questions about car insurance then please either leave them in the comments below along with your twitter or instagram handle so I can reply as I cannot currently reply to the comments you leave on my blog. Or alternatively you can DM me on twitter or instagram (you will find the links to these at the top of this page - or just search @lifeofbeth761) and ask me your questions and I will do my best to answer them for you. You can also take a look at the More Than Smart Wheels page, where you should be able to find the answer to any questions you have.

Love Beth xx

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