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Nostalgia Sunday: Fashion

noughties fashion; low-slung loop belt; denim cargo trousers; cropped cardigan; pedal pusher; velour tracksuit; mini denim skirt; gypsy skirt

I feel that you can't have a Nostalgia Sunday post without mentioning fashion; so that's exactly what I've done today. I've taken a look back through the archives (or a quick Google search if you prefer) and have found some of the noughties fashion staples that I was wearing as a child in the noughties; as well as things I remember other people wearing. Interested? Then let's get right into it...

Low-slung loop belts

low slung-loop belt

I remember these so well. I think I only had one and I'm pretty sure it was green (I was all about the colour in those days, not sure what's happened since because now my wardrobe is white, black and grey). I remember these used to be a NIGHTMARE to try and put on (I mean, they were for me at the least) and they always used to fall down a little bit (editing Beth here, and OBVIOUSLY they would fall down a bit, hence why they're called LOW-SLUNG belts *facepalms*). But what's a noughties fashion post without mentioning these?

Denim cargo trousers

denim cargo trousers

Who didn't have a pair of these in the noughties? Pretty sure mine were a camo-green colour as well (also a noughties fashion staple). Also it's starting to look like my entire noughties wardrobe was green - it wasn't, I promise.

Cropped cardigans

cropped cardigan

I can remember having one of these so well (it was light blue - see, not everything in my wardrobe was green!). I remember it was quite short and just about covered my boobs (I had it when I was about 8/9 so my boobs were starting to grow a little at that point) and had two bits hanging down at the front for me to tie. There is a photo of me wearing it somewhere, however I wasn't able to find it.

Pedal pushers

pedal pushers

These were called the three-quarter length trousers in my house. I had a few pairs of these and I remember when I was about 10/11 I was really embarrassed about them and would only ever wear them around the house and never in public. These aren't my favourite fashion item from the noughties, however one thing they were great for is when it was too hot for jeans and too cold for shorts. They were also great for when you went to the beach and wanted to go paddling in the sea and meant there was no chance of them getting wet and becoming difficult to take off.

Velour tracksuits

velour tracksuit

I had one of these and it was bright pink (another poignant colour in my noughties wardrobe). This is another fashion item that, upon looking back, I'm not entirely sure what exactly we were thinking with this one but at the end of the day tracksuits = comfort and I'm all for comfort. Another part of this is the pointless scarf (as seen above, you know the sort - really thin and had no chance of keeping you warm). I had one and it was navy blue and twisted and I have absolutely no idea what the point of it was.

Denim belt skirts

denim belt skirt

I mean, who didn't own a pair of these? These are what started off my love for mini skirts and I honestly don't think I could wear any skirt that touches, or goes below, the knee. Although growing up it was hard when I owned a mini skirt and would go through a growth spurt and my skirt would end up being way too short, to the point where it didn't even cover my bum. Oops!

Gypsy skirts

gypsy skirt

Okay, so before my love of mini skirts occurred, I did have a lot of love for a gypsy skirt. And, surprise surprise, the one I owned was green (I honestly believe my entire noughties wardrobe was just made up of green and pink clothes at this point).

Baggy flares

baggy flares

Okay but for real, what were we thinking? I'm definitely a skinny jeans kind of girl now and I'm never going back. I recently saw a girl wearing baggy flared trousers and it was raining and the bottom of her trousers were soaking and it was really stressing me out. Also, did anyone else ever get their foot caught in these and end up falling over? Because this was a regular occurrence for me.

Lairy ponchos

lairy poncho

Okay, so my poncho wasn't patterned like this (it was plain pink, surprise surprise). But seriously, what were we all thinking? Why were we all wearing ponchos? What was going on?

Low-rise jeans

low-rise jeans

A bit like the baggy flares, I am no longer a low-rise jean girl and am a high-waisted jean girl through and through. High-waisted jeans hide a multitude of sins and don't give me the muffin top belly low-rise jeans once did. 10/10 would not recommend.

T-shirt over the top of a long-sleeved top

t-shirt over the top of a long-sleeved top

I like to call this the Sheldon Cooper look. You definitely won't be surprised to hear that I owned one of these tops and the t-shirt was pink and the long -sleeves were green. I guess the noughties was all about colour, and those main colours seem to be pink and green.

Knee-length leggings

knee-length leggings

Just like pedal pushers, apparently everything in the noughties had to be knee-length. I remember I had a white pair of these (definitely couldn't wear a white pair now) and would wear them all the time. I guess they were great to wear in summer when it was a little cooler (let's be real, this is England, it's always cooler) and were just really comfy to wear (I mean, let's face it, no one's been wearing anything other than leggings or joggers these past few months).

Colour/printed tights

colour printed tights

Maybe I just thought this was a trend because I was a child and I thought it was what children wear, but apparently I was wrong. I was a big fan of all coloured/printed tights and it was actually a battle in the morning to get me to wear black/grey tights instead of my coloured/printed ones.

So that is pretty much everything I was wearing in the noughties. But what were you wearing? Let me know in the comments below. Were you also wearing any of these items? Or were you wearing something else? Also, please let me know if there are any other topics you would like me to speak about in this Nostalgia Sunday series.

Love Beth xx

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