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Nostalgia Sunday: Food (Part One)

We all have our favourite childhood foods. Whether they be sweet or savoury, whenever we see that food when out shopping or happen to stumble across it online, we can instantly taste that flavour in our mouths that makes our mouths water. Or we may be eating a food from our childhood and that taste will instantly take us back to a specific memory we have where that food was involved. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of my favourite childhood foods from the noughties, which some of you may also remember having too. So whether you are wanting to remind yourself of some of your favourite childhood foods from the noughties, or are just intrigued at what we noughties babies actually ate, buckle yourselves in for a bit of a trip down memory lane...

Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs

I can taste these in my mouth as I'm typing this and I'm not going to lie, I still eat these quite regularly. But that's okay because a) they're delicious; b) I have a younger brother; and c) I can. Did anyone else have a favourite dinosaur to eat? Because I would always rather have the Stegosaurus over the T-Rex, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Potato Smiley Faces

To go with the turkey dinosaurs you of course had to have potato smiley faces. I did really enjoy these, however did anyone else sometimes find that these kind of tasted a bit bland? I'm not sure if at some point they changed the recipe to them, but from what I can remember I swear at one point they were really tasty and then they changed to become a bit bland. But nevertheless these were absolutely beautiful, but I couldn't help but feel bad for eating a face. As well as these, did anyone else ever have those alphabet potatoes? These could have a section on their own but they're pretty much the same as the smiley faces.

Pink Wafer Biscuits

Anyone else remember these? Because I do and they were absolutely bloody delicious. Did anyone else ever try and pick them apart and eat them layer by layer? I did and they never tasted as good as they did if you ate them whole (obviously not shoving the whole biscuit down your mouth, I did bite it because it would be a bit embarrassing if my cause of death was having swallowed a pink wafer biscuit whole, don't you think?).

Kinder Egg

I don't think I ever experienced these until the end of the noughties, but I think we can all agree that Kinder chocolate is probably one of the tastiest chocolates there is. I am a big chocolate lover and was always disappointed that there never seemed to be that much chocolate on these eggs and that the main thing about them was the toy inside. I'm not going to lie I was never much impressed by the toys inside these eggs and a lot of them did end up in the bin. I can't even remember any of the toys that were in these (if you can then please let me know and maybe you can jog my memory) but I can remember that they were a nightmare to build, usually resulting in me giving up and throwing a strop until someone else would do it for me.


These were top tier noughties food and if you disagree then we can't be friends. I'm pretty sure you would always find one of these in a party bag. They were marshmallow heaven and I would always try and unravel them and, much to my mum's horror, I would always end up in a big sticky mess.

Fruit Winders

These were another food that I didn't really discover until the end of the noughties, but when I did you could guarantee that they would always be in my lunch box pretty much everyday. I can remember one occasion where I opened the wrapper and there was two fruit winders in there: one was the normal shape and the other looked like I triangle. It's safe to say that I didn't eat this as it looked a bit dodgy and I was genuinely worried that it was poisoned and that I was going to die if I ate it (I wasn't an over-imaginative child AT ALL).


Did anyone else ever find these incredibly watery? They had absolutely no flavour to them whatsoever. You were maybe able to taste a tiny bit of juice at first but after you sucked on it for more than two seconds it would just taste of water. I do not rate these AT ALL and it is fair to say that they are one of the noughties foods that I don't really miss. They were nice on a hot day when you needed to cool down and they were the only ice lolly in the freezer, but they would only ever be picked as a last resort and for no other reason.


These are another noughties food that I still eat. Did anyone else find that the sprinkles would always fall off and go all over the floor, causing your mum to get really annoyed at you? This was a regular occurrence for me and they were probably my go-to ice lolly. But like the jubbly, I always felt that the strawberry bit at the end did end up a bit watery, although the flavour would always last a bit longer than it did with the jubbly. What was your favourite section of a fab? Mine was the bit in the middle.

Rice Krispie Treats

I absolutely bloody LOVED these. I always used to do swimming and after I was allowed to pick something out of the vending machine and these were always my go-to treat. This is what I was on about earlier, how the taste of a food can take you back to a certain memory. Well, the taste of these always take me back to when I would go swimming and have these afterwards.

Iced Gems

I always loved these, however I always felt that the purple icing tasted a bit odd. But they were incredibly crunchy and I was always scared, whenever I had a wobbly tooth, that eating one of these would cause it to come out and that I wouldn't realise and would end up swallowing it. Luckily this never happened, but it may well have happened to someone else. Nonetheless they were really tasty and were one of my favourite snacks to have.

Parma Violets

Quite a few people hated these but these were one of my favourite sweets as a child. If a packet of these was in a party bag, then I knew it was going to be a good day. Sure, they tasted a tiny bit like medicine but they were still delicious nonetheless. I feel like these were a bit of a rarity as I would always try and look out for them but I could never find them, yet they would occasionally end up in a party bag. They would be one of the first things I would eat if they were in one of the party bags and I would always be really disappointed if someone else had a packet of these in their party bag and I didn't.


These were another of my all time favourite sweets and were also one of the sweets that I would always hope to get in a party bag. I'm fairly certain that these were a bit more common than parma violets, but both of them were something you would only ever get in party bags or in a big tub of swizzles sweets.


These were always so good, but my Mum would always take them out of a party bag if I had them because she felt they were too hard for me to chew. To be fair she was right and I was always scared they might break my teeth or that I might swallow one by accident if it was already wobbly. My brother often gets a tub of swizzles sweets for his birthday or Christmas and it is often the refreshers that I reach for if I ever get a craving for these types of sweets. Even now as an almost twenty year old, they are incredibly difficult to chew and it often takes me a good five minutes to get through a mini version, let alone a full size one.

Chuppa Chup

These were another one of the sweets that you would want to get in a party bag. These were always so tasty and could last for hours on end. My favourite was the strawberry flavour, as I'm guessing was many other people's. I don't think I've seen these for quite a few years now, so maybe they've been discontinued, I don't know. But I think they will very much remain a noughties food.

Cadbury Mini Animals

I know that these for a fact are still around as my Mum still buys them for my younger brother and I tend to nick a packet every now and again. Did anyone else ever feel bad for eating these because they had animal's faces on them and you felt like the animals didn't want to be eaten? Or maybe I'm just a bit soft. But anything made by Cadbury's you could guarantee to be delicious and these were another of my favourite treats. They would often appear in my lunch box and I would sometimes be allowed to eat a packet if I had eaten all of my tea.

I still have quite a lot more noughties food to get through, so you can probably expect a part two to this post at some point in the near future. If you can remember any of these foods then please let me know in the comments below, along with if you agree with some of the points I made, whether you liked or disliked them. I am also interested in knowing if there are any other noughties childhood foods that you can remember having as a kid, so if you could let me know in the comments and if I can remember them too, I may mention them in a future post.

Love Beth xx

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