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Nostalgia Sunday: Food (Part Four)

If you're getting bored of these posts now, to be honest, I don't blame you. But if you haven't seen my previous posts on noughties food, then I highly recommend you go back and read parts one, two, and three. So here is a few more of my favourite noughties foods (as well as a few I remember for all the wrong reasons)...

McVities Taxi Wafers

I don't think they even make these anymore, which is a shame because these were the bee's knees. It contained every element you would need for the perfect chocolate bar: chocolate; wafer biscuit; and caramel. You ever get it when you kind of forget about something but once you are reminded of it, you instantly miss it and want it back? That's how I feel about this. So, McVitie's, if you're reading this (not that you will be) please, please, PLEASE, can you bring back the taxi wafer (if it has actually been discontinued)?!

Rowntree Randoms

I can remember these coming out and I have loved them from the start. Whether it be the little foam ice creams or the little yellow flowers, these were just something that I could eat in about two seconds because they just tasted so good.

Blue Riband

I feel like this post is just going to be a sad post about how certain chocolate bars from the noughties no longer exist because I haven't seen these for the LONGEST time. These would be another staple in my school lunch box. Sure they were a bit plain and not all that much to get excited over, but they were still a favourite of mine nonetheless.

Family Circle Biscuits

I don't necessarily remember these biscuits, however, my Gran had (and still actually has to this day) a tin of these that she used to put other biscuits in that she's bought. I guess it was just the excitement of, and I guess this is going to make me sound sadder than I already do, opening up the tin and seeing which biscuits were inside. Would we have custard creams or rich tea? Chocolate bourbon or jammy dodger? WHO KNEW?!?!?


If one of these never exploded inside your school lunch box or you didn't get the yoghurt all down your school uniform on a Monday and your Mum had to run around trying to make sure you had fresh uniform for the next day, then did you really live your childhood through the noughties? And they always somehow stayed cold from as soon as you left the house for school through to lunchtime, which was approximately four hours. How this was managed I will never know.


These were essentially like Frubes, except they just involved wild animals.


I get that these are still very much around now and we now have Smarties buttons (if you haven't tried them yet then I highly recommend you do - I absolutely demolished two packets of these in record time), but nothing could beat going to the corner shop and getting a packet of these. They were a bit like Penguins in a way (not the animal, the chocolate bar), in that they had a joke/question at the top of the tube and you had to open it in order to see the answer. The orange ones were always my favourite and I would always get told off by my Mum for trying to down them.

Sweeties Pick N' Mix

I feel like everyone at my primary school would always go to the corner shop after school and, particularly on a Friday, they were allowed to pick from the Pick N' Mix. I, on the other hand, couldn't do this as I didn't live near the school and always had to get the bus home. However, this did mean that when I did get the chance to have some Pick N' Mix, as it was such a treat, I would always take full advantage of it. My favourite Pick N' Mix was the giant strawberries. What was yours?


You could never fault these. Whenever my younger brother goes to the Pick N' Mix, if he has some jelly snakes, you can guarantee that I would nick one (or two).

The Fabulous Bakin Boys Chocolate Cupcakes

I can remember one girl bought these into school once and ever since I became addicted. They are probably one of the simplest things but they taste so beautiful and there is really nothing like them. Could happily eat a whole pack of these and still be left wanting more. A 10/10 treat.


Still love these to this day. The mints taste like perfection. The sweets also taste like perfection. I can remember the first time I had these and I had never eaten a really hard sweet or mint before so while eating these I was really conscious of not swallowing one whole and choking (as well as being really worried that I was going to break my teeth and have to spend the rest of my life drinking my food blended through a straw).


I absolutely loved these. I don't think I remember the fruit letters ones but, then again, I was probably too focused on actually eating them than paying any attention to what was on the packaging. They were a bit sickly but still fruity and delicious. But as a child, do you really care if something is too sickly? No, because you just carry on eating until you throw up.

Jelly Tots

I actually just had one of these before I started writing this and realised that they taste exactly like fruit pastels (which now makes sense because I have just realised that they are both made by the same company). I mean, what is there not to love about them? Their small, full of sugar, and just taste amazing. Definitely could not fault them.

Flying Saucers

For some reason, I never had any of these for myself at home but it was always my Nan who would buy a pack or two of these for me (or she would already have them at her house). At first look, you might think 'oh, they look nice and colourful'. Then, when you pick one up you might think 'oh, these feel a bit like plastic'. When you taste them, if you only get the outer bit of it, you might think 'oh, these taste incredibly plain and bland'. But, when you get into that middle and taste the sherbet, these are on another LEVEL! These were definitely a favourite childhood sweet of mine and the taste of one always takes me right back to the noughties.

Dip Dab

These were on a level of their own! The combination between a strawberry flavoured lolly and sherbet was an ingenious creation and I would like to personally thank the person who came up with it and think that, if they haven't already, they should be given some sort of reward, such as an OBE or MBE, for this creation alone. You always had to be mindful with these of not allowing the lolly to get too small before the sherbet had run out, as otherwise you would be left with a whole lot of sherbet which, more often than not, would end up covering your Mum's living room floor.

Swizzles Lollies

These are my all-time favourite lollies and nothing or no one can change my mind about that. These double lollies are another thing of genius and I would happily spend many an afternoon after a party sucking on one of these. I would always try and refrain from actually eating one, but this was often incredibly impossible.

So, you'll be glad to hear that this is the last post about noughties food. There will be another nostalgia Sunday post in the next couple of weeks, however next week you can look out for an extra special post to do with me turning twenty, the things I have accomplished, and the things I hope to accomplish in the next twenty years.

As always, if you ate any of the above food or any of the food I have mentioned in the last four posts then please let me know your thoughts on them. Did you think the same as me or did you have a completely different opinion altogether? Also, if there are any other topics you would like me to cover in nostalgia Sunday, then please let me know and if I haven't already thought of it then I will try and make a post out of it.

Please let me know what you think of today's post and I'll see you all again, same time, same place, next week.

Love Beth xx

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