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Nostalgia Sunday: Food (Part Two)

We all have our favourite foods from our childhoods that we put in our basket if we see them while out shopping or can taste in our mouths if we see something about them on social media. I have already done a part one to this post, which you can read here. So, let's get back into some of my favourite childhood foods from the noughties...


Ah, the days when you could buy a freddo for just 10p. Before we know it they'll be costing £100 and will become much more of a luxury than something you could just pick up at the corner shop when you popped in for some bread and milk. I won't lie, I had one of these last night and it was absolutely bloody delicious. It's just a shame that now one costs 30p, whereas you used to be able to get three of these for the same amount.

Candy Necklace

I feel like the candy necklace was a staple to children's party bags in the noughties. I can even taste it now as I am writing this. They tasted so sugary and powdery and whenever you would eat it you would always have to try and eat around the necklace, whilst trying not to only get half of the sweet whilst the other half dropped on the floor. You'd also have to try not to let the elastic ping back onto your face and/or neck (boy did that hurt).

Love Hearts

These little fizzy powdery sweets would be the one thing you'd want, yet also want to try and avoid. Whenever anyone had a packet of these, they'd always go and hand one sweet out to everyone. And it would always be really embarrassing when one of the boys gave you a sweet that said 'i love you' or 'be mine' on and everyone would tease you about it. I went through a phase where I wouldn't chew sweets and had to suck on them instead, and sucking on one of these took FOREVER to get through.


Moving slightly away from food now and moving onto drink. For some reason I was never really allowed to drink Vimto and when I was it was just as a treat. It wasn't really until later on in the noughties that I really developed a love for this drink. Whether it be squash, fizzy, or still, you could guarantee that towards the end of the noughties this drink was always guaranteed to be in my fridge.


This was another drink that I wasn't really allowed to have that often and was only ever for a treat. I won't lie, I never really liked the blackcurrant flavour and much preferred the strawberry one. I can remember when I was younger, me and my family went on a trip to a historical outdoor museum near where we live and strawberry Ribena was my drink of choice and I absolutely loved it.

Rainbow Drops

Moving back to food now. These tasted like absolutely nothing, but for some reason were still something you would always reach for when you went to the corner shop with your mum and she let you pick a packet of sweets or chocolate. All you had to do with these was press them ever so slightly and they would turn into powder straight away. And even though they tasted of nothing, because they were all the colours of the rainbow, they were your sweets of choice.


Before the days when I was allowed chewing gum, I had to settle for a polo, even though it is 50% hole. You had to suck on it for ages and I would just get really annoyed with it and would just end up actually eating it because I don't have a whole (or hole) lot of patience. Did anyone else try and stick their tongue through the hole and have competitions with yourself each time you tried it to get your tongue through a smaller hole each time? No? Guess it's just me then.

Black Jacks

All I have to say about these is that they tasted so disgusting and I would only ever eat one if I was on the verge of sheer desperation and hunger.


If you grew up in the noughties (or at least lived through them) and can't remember these sweets then you really weren't living up to the noughties standards. I have been looking for a packet of these for YEARS and thought I'd finally got lucky last year when I found some on Amazon but whoever was selling them doesn't ship to the UK. So if anyone knows where I can buy some of these from (either in the UK or from somewhere that ships to the UK) then please let me know because I am DESPERATE for a packet (or two, or hundred).


These were the bees knees and are my go-to sweet whenever my brother gets a tub of Swizzlers sweets for Christmas or his birthday. As a child I was always able to get the lolly off the stick and it would then take me AGES to actually chew it and I was always scared of swallowing it whole and choking. Another staple of a noughties child's party bag (which would always contain a shit load of sweets and one crappy tiny puzzle game that I would often lose.

Chipsticks Salt and Vinegar

These were a thing of beauty. My mouth is watering just thinking about them and they were just so vinegary that you couldn't not love them. I had some of these a few weeks ago and all the memories of my childhood just came flooding back. A pure and solid 10/10.

Sherbet Straws

Never really understood the point in these. You just ripped the top off, downed the sherbet that was inside the straw, and then chucked the straw in the bin. I would get so excited to see one of these in a party bag, but it would be gone in two seconds. Nevertheless, you cannot deny that just having pure sherbet in a straw wasn't not a noughties staple and you could never not have them in a party bag. It just wasn't allowed.


These would just melt in your mouth and were absolute perfection. Could never fault them and would absolutely love it when I looked in my lunch box and saw a packet of these inside. I am still quite partial to a packet of these every now and again and don't think I will ever get fed up of them.

Fox's Party Rings

If you were a child in the noughties and went to a party and the buffet they did didn't contain a plateful of Fox's party rings, then you were deprived as a child and I really feel for you. What isn't there to like about them? You've got the icing on the top and the biscuit on the bottom. Absolute perfection.

Mini Milks

I feel like as a noughties kid whenever you went round to your friends' house for tea after school, these would always be what you had for pudding. My favourite had to be the vanilla one - you just couldn't fault it. But I loved all three of them and they were just a nice thing to eat when you had eaten quite a lot for tea and just wanted something light that wouldn't make you throw up from over-eating.


Whenever you were out somewhere and your mum let you go and get an ice cream from the ice cream van, this should always have been your ice cream of choice. You just can't fault it. I always loved the bubblegum at the bottom, but my mum would never let me have it until towards the end of the noughties as she was always worried that I would swallow it and choke. I also loved the raspberry ripple ice cream with it as that has always been one of my favourite ice cream flavours and takes me back to when I would go to my gran and grandad's for dinner and we would have this for desert. Speaking of raspberry ripple ice cream, I don't think I have had it since the noughties, so if anyone knows if you can still get it (I'm too lazy to look in the freezer aisle), then please let me know.

So there is part two to my posts on the foods I can remember from the noughties. There will be a part three to this (and possibly a part four by the amount of noughties food I can remember) so please make sure you look out for them. And if you haven't already read part one, I included the link at the top of this post, so please go and check that out.

If there are any noughties foods you can remember that I haven't included in this post or my previous one, then please let me know and if I can remember it too then I may include it. And like I have said before, if there are any subjects you would like me to cover in these noughties nostalgia posts and I haven't already thought of it (although I do have quite a lot of ideas already for this series) then please let me know and I will try my best to write a post or two on it.

Love Beth xx

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