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Nostalgia Sunday: Kid's TV (Milkshake)


Milkshake was a children's programme block over on Channel 5 in the noughties (and I think it's still on today). I would pretty much always have this on before school and would be sat watching the shows that came on; rather than getting dressed for school or eating my breakfast. Milkshake was host to many great noughties children's shows, including (but not limited to) Fifi and the Flowertots, Noddy, and Peppa Pig. If you are someone who also had Milkshake on every morning before school in the noughties, or are just intrigued as to what we were watching on Milkshake during the noughties, then this blog post is the one for you!

Fifi and the Flowertots

Fifi and the Flowertots

I loved this show, however was often only able to watch it during the holidays as on school days I had to get the bus and would only ever get to hear the theme tune and would then have to turn the TV off, get my shoes on and head to the bus stop. Essentially what happens during the show is it is based in a flower bed and the characters get up to all kinds of different things, such as talent contests and picnics. You can watch an episode of the show here.


make way for noddy

This was a show that I loved and would constantly have on. I did also watch another Noddy series 'Noddy's Toyland Adventures', which we had on VHS (remember those?) at my Grandma's house; however, this was a series from the nineties so I won't go into too much detail about that. But back to 'Make Way for Noddy', it centred around (you guessed it) Noddy and his friends, who would always have to try and save Toy Town from Gobbo and Sly, the two Goblins who were always up to mischief. Also, we can't forget about Mr. Plod, the policeman, who was famous for saying "stop and halt in the name of Plod!". You can watch an episode of the show here.

Peppa Pig

peppa pig

PEPPA PIG! OOIIIIINNNNKKK!!! (or something like that). What even was this show?! Parents must have hated it because I'm pretty sure all it did was encourage their children to roll around in muddy puddles. She would mostly hang out with her younger brother George and was definitely the bossy older sister (who else can relate?). She would also occasionally hang out with her friends, such as Susie Sheep, although I'm pretty sure Peppa was that kid in school who had 'friends' but actually hated all of them. You can watch an episode of the show here.

Fireman Sam

fireman sam

Sam is the hero next doooorrr (is he though? I mean, he did seem to constantly allow Norman to constantly set things on fire without suffering any real consequences). Also, does anyone else remember that controversy surrounding Fireman Sam, where people were saying it needed to be more gender-inclusive (let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below). For a very small village in pretty much the middle of nowhere, they did seem to have a lot of fires and other incidents requiring the assistance of the fire brigade. I guess they didn't get enough teaching on preventing fires in school. You can watch an episode of the show here.

Little Princess

little princess

She's the little princess (it's me, I'm she). I LOVED this show (definitely one of my favourites) and it made me want to be a princess (although I already am one - just kidding). Although I do have to say the little princess was a bit bratty and did not like it at all when she didn't get her own way (but let's face it, who does actually like it if they don't get things their own way?). But I still found it quite funny and you can watch an episode of the show here.

Mio Mao

mio mao

All I can really say about this show was that Mio and Mao were cats made out of plasticine and the theme song was literally somebody singing "mio, mao, mio, mao, lalalalala" over and over again. And despite my lack of memory of it, I remember it was definitely mid- to top-tier noughties children's television. You can watch an episode of the show here.

Roobarb and Custard Too

roobarb and custard too

This was another mid- to top-tier noughties children's television programme. It was based off of the 1974 children's TV series 'Roobarb'. Roobarb is the dog and Custard is the cat (although why they did this I don't know because Roobard is the colour of custard and Custard is the colour of rhubarb). They both get up to lots of mischief together and wind each other up, a bit like me and my brothers do. You can watch an episode of the show here.

Surprisingly, that's all I could find of shows that were on Milkshake during the noughties that I remember watching. Please let me know in the comments if there are any other shows you can remember watching on Milkshake in the noughties and if I have enough to do so, I will make a part two to this (or add them on to the end of this post). Also, if there are any other topics you would like me to cover as part of my Nostalgia Sunday series then please let me know. What shows did you love watching on Milkshake?

Love Beth xx

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