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Nostalgia Sunday: Kid's TV (CBBC) Part Three

I don't need to introduce this post to you. We've been here before, and this is (you'll be glad to hear) the last time we will be visiting it. But for those of you who haven't seen the previous two parts to this, part one and part two are already available for you to read. So let's get straight into it...

School of Silence

This show was presented by the infamous Barney Harwood (don't think I've mentioned him in these posts before), which I had completely forgotten about until I saw the beginning to an episode online. This show essentially involved a group of children who were famous for being quite loud being sent to the 'School of Silence' to compete in games/challenges (formally known as classes), where they had to complete them in complete silence (or be as quiet as they possibly could be). They then had to take a final exam at the end and if they passed they graduated; but if they failed they were expelled. You can watch an episode of the show here.

The Slammer

Can I just say, I'm glad that how the prisoners get released in this show doesn't apply to real-life prisoners because we'd potentially have a whole host of criminals walking free amongst us (apart from the ones we already have amongst us). For those of you who didn't know, this was filmed in the same place as 'Porridge' was filmed (for those of you who aren't from the UK or haven't watched Porridge, it is a classic British sit-com based in a prison). So essentially what happened in the show was that the prison was for people who had been arrested for crimes against showbusiness and the only way for them to get released was for them to perform in a show and whoever got the most votes by the audience would get to go free. You can watch an episode of the show here.

Tracy Beaker Returns

This was quite possibly the last (or one of the last) shows I ever watched on CBBC. It is a follow-on from The Story of Tracy Beaker, where Tracy is now an author, however after being arrested, she ends up back in the 'Dumping Ground', where she ends up working (which I thought you had to get qualifications for, but it seems that she didn't). Mike still works there, along with Gina (a new addition) and a whole host of new kids. I love how it pretty much still has the same format as the original series, but with obvious differences for obvious reasons. You can watch an episode of the show here.


If you didn't watch this show then what were you doing with your life? Did you know that the woman who played Aunt Mabel in Come Outside (the one with Pippin the dog and the spotted plane) is the woman who does the voice over for this show? This show involved six children who, at each level, would take it in turns to be the saboteur, which is the person who would try to wreck the game for the other children. The children would then guess who the saboteur was and whoever got the majority of votes would stay trapped at that level. You can watch an episode of the show here.

So that is the final lot of CBBC programmes from the noughties (and also a few from the early 2010s, but we'll just let that one slide). If you think there were any shows from CBBC I missed or have any opinions on the programmes I have mentioned that you would like to share then I would love to hear from you. I'll be back next Sunday with another nostalgia Sunday post, so please make sure you look out for that. And if you have any suggestions for topics I can include in my nostalgia Sunday posts, then please let me know.

Love Beth xx

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