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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

"The question is the answer" ~ Thomas Vato

Last week I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Coffee and Florida Sunsets. You can check out her answers to the questions asked to her here.

I have actually been nominated for this award before over on my old blog (TeenagelifeBeth), and you can see the questions I was asked and my answers to them here. You might be thinking 'if you have already taken part in this award, why are you doing it again?' Well, the questions are completely different and I thought it would be interesting to answer a fresh set of questions.

Now, the purpose of the Sunshine Blogger award is that it is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers, who they see as helping to give positivity and inspire creativity within the blogging community.

The Rules:

#1 Thank the person who nominated you

#2 Answer the questions given to you by the person who nominated you

#3 Nominate other bloggers for the award

#4 Write the same amount of questions for your nominees as the person who nominated you

#5 Notify the bloggers who you have nominated

The answers to the questions I was given:

Q1. What vacation spot is your dream vacation? ~ I have always wanted to visit California and just America in general as I have never been (plus I really want to go to Disney World).

Q2. Do you have the same best friend today as you did in middle school? ~ Apparently in the UK, the equivalent to middle school is the end of primary school through to the start of secondary school, so my answer to that would have to be no.

Q3. How long have you been blogging/writing? ~ I started my old blog back in August 2015, so overall four years, however I only started this blog back at the beginning of July.

Q4. Do you have a big or small family? Do you like the size of your family? ~ I have always said my family is split as my parents are no longer together. On my Mum's side it is quite small as it is only me, my two brothers, my mum, my grandparents and my Uncle. However, my Dad's side is fairly big as I have four cousins, two uncles, two aunts, my Grandma, and my Great-Aunt; as well as some of my cousin's boyfriends/husbands and their kids. I definitely prefer the size of my Mum's family to my Dads', but I guess that is purely because I get on better with my Mum's side of the family than my Dad's.

Q5. Favourite season and/or Holiday? ~ My favourite season is summer (I do not understand people who say their favourite season is winter - who wants a permanent cold for 3+ months?) and my favourite Holiday is Christmas (pigs in blankets, anyone?).

Q6. The beach, mountains, or neither? ~ The beach.

Q7. Cardio, strength training, or HIIT? ~ I really hate working out and do none of these things as I never find any benefits to it and always find myself going back to my old ways after a few days. I prefer getting exercise through doing sports as I feel it is a good way to lose weight and strengthen my muscles without even realising it.

Q8. What is your favourite type of animal? ~ Cats (although I do love all animals - other than spiders, they are the devil).

Q9. Favourite type of music? ~ I would not say I listen to just one type of music as it always depends on what the song is like and I do not base my taste just on one genre. However, I really love late 90s/early 00s songs as I feel that era of music was the best and it is a playlist I will always go back to. You can listen to my late 90s/early 00s playlist on Spotify here).

Q10. Most consistent topic to write about? ~ It is not necessarily a topic but writing posts based on my own experiences of absolutely anything as I feel I have learnt a lot over the last nineteen years to be able to share my experiences and help people if they are facing similar struggles.

Q11. Do you write/blog as a hobby or career? ~ A hobby and as much as I enjoy it I do not think I could ever do it as a career as I would much rather do the career I am planning on going into. Given the choice between the two, where I would never be able to do the one I did not choose, I would always choose the career I am studying for.

My Nominations:

#1 @thecorsetry

#2 @battleschaos

#3 @deerdeanna

#4 @roseygoldbox

#5 @anaandzel

My Questions:

Q1. What is the main reason behind starting your blog?

Q2. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Q3. What is your number one goal in life?

Q4. Regardless of what career you are already in, what is your dream career?

Q5. Would you rather have loads of friends who you can see all the time but are not that close to, or up to three friends who you are really close to but can only see once every three years?

Q6. Are you a cat or a dog person?

Q7. Sweet or savoury?

Q8. What would your superpower be?

Q9. You are Prime Minister. What is the first bill you sign into law?

Q10. Favourite TV show and/or film?

Q11. If you could only live in one decade for the rest of your life, i.e. every single little detail of your life has to be from that decade, which decade would it be and why?

To those of you who I have nominated, I am really looking forward to seeing your responses to these questions and learning more about you and please continue to give positivity and inspire creativity within the blogging community as you are doing a really amazing job of it so far.

Love Beth xx

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