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Edius 7.5 Serial Number Free 53 [Latest-2022]




edius 7.5 serial number free 53 . I am using a dual monitor ( Windows 7 & Windows XP ). 'WINDOWS Xp' and edius must be installed in the same computer.Cognitive Training May Help Older Adults Stay Sharp, Study Finds Share this article A recent study has found that older adults who undergo computer-based cognitive training may improve their cognitive skills, including working memory and problem-solving, and prevent memory loss. The study, published in the journal Cognitive Aging and Cognitive Performance, is the first randomized controlled trial to examine whether computer-based cognitive training could improve cognitive functioning in older adults. "The results are very promising," said study author Dr. Daniel Stern, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Southern California. The study focused on two groups of older adults. The first group underwent cognitive training that focused on improving their working memory, while the other underwent a control training. The first group received eight sessions of cognitive training over a 10-week period, while the second received only eight sessions of the control training. Both groups underwent a post-training cognitive assessment. Older adults showed improvement in their working memory function after cognitive training, but only those who underwent the working memory training showed improved recall of prior information. Additionally, the older adults who received the cognitive training were able to better recall information they learned during the training compared to the older adults who received the control training. "The training was shown to improve the older adults' working memory, which we think is a key factor for improving their ability to learn new information," said study author Dr. Jeff Kovach, a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the University of California Los Angeles. "A significant number of people who are living in nursing homes are very, very cognitively impaired and are unable to gain new information," Kovach added. "If we can increase working memory, you can learn new information faster." The study also found that the older adults who received the working memory training performed better on a problem-solving test, which measured their ability to recall and apply prior knowledge to solve problems. The problem-solving training consisted of a text-based computer game in which the older adults had to recall and use key pieces of information to solve problems related to management, finances and interpersonal relationships. Researchers found that older adults who received the cognitive training performed better than the older adults




Edius 7.5 Serial Number Free 53 [Latest-2022]

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