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This month's throwback post is from 2015 and it's about the difference between fake friends and real friends..

Fake Friends VS. Real Friends

So after being back at school for just over a week, I've decided that today's post should be about the differences between fake friends and real friends.

Unfortunately for us, it's often difficult for us to tell the difference between who is our fake friends and who are our real friends. Hopefully, today's post should help you tell the difference between both of these.

I'm a very stupid person. In year seven, I started school with two of my best friends from primary school. They were real friends.

By year eight, we'd all made a few other friends and we were all in one group together. But one or two of those friends made other friends and started to hang out with us AND them. I was also kind of friends with these other people. And instead of staying with my true friends, I slowly started to hang out with these other people, consequently leading to the loss of two of my real friends, leading to the loss of many others.

Now I'm in year eleven and have as good as lost those two real friends that I had in year seven forever. Me and one of them pretty much haven't talked since the start of the year. Me and the other one are in the same form and the same PE class (core and GCSE) so we still talk, but only for the sake of it really. If we go to separate sixth form's/colleges next year, I can hardly see us staying friends.

I wish I'd stayed friends with the two of them now. It might have made my life a whole lot easier. But I guess we can never turn back the clock. And I guess this was all bound to happen anyway. My life may be at a low now, but I'm only hoping that's because I'm about to go up to a high. And who knows what that high may be? I certainly don't.

So here are eleven questions to think about:

Do they support all the choices you make?

Do they love your dorky personality?

Do they forgive you for anything?

Do they always have your back?

Do they let you explore your interests?

Do they know all your little quirks?

Do they constantly keep in contact?

Can they keep your secrets?

Can you look gross when hanging out?

Do they make time for you?

Do they always give you a shoulder to cry on?

You really have to think hard about the answers to these questions. Here is the link if you want a little more information to help you answer these questions http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/11-differences-between-real-friends-and-fake-friends.html. If you answered yes to the majority/all of these questions then they are your real friends. If you answered no to the majority/all of these questions then they are fake friends. I would say that if it's 50/50 then they're kind of your real friends but it's touch and go as to whether you'll stay friends for years to come.

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